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Quantum Digital Signage

The Ultimate in Fine Pitch Digital Signage

Quantum digital signage delivers sharp images, millions of vibrant colors, and unmatched quality:

  • Powered by patent-pending Chromatic Modulation Technology
  • Equipped with LEAP-S, a powerful proprietary processing solution
  • Front and rear access for easy installation and service
  • Integrated magnetic module guide, protecting panel LEDs during installation and service
  • Slim and lightweight chassis design allows choices to stack, hang or wall-mount
  • Cable free connections between modules for simple installation
  • Low energy consumption and lower total cost of ownership

Quantum fine-pitch display by Lighthouse

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U.S. Local

We’ve called the United States home for twenty years, with our North American headquarters in Irvine, California.

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U.S. Service Centers

Need service? We offer seven-day turnaround from our two U.S. service centers in California and Texas.

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EMC, EO, and FCC Compliant

All our products are certified to world-class standards, and undergo strict, systematic quality assurance procedures before we ship them to you.

Brilliant Products

Lighthouse presents a broad selection of products for all applications, including three levels of fine pitch LED signs. Engineering quality, factory and in-field calibration, and true 4K processing contribute to our LED panels’ unmatched quality and longevity.

Outstanding Service

With two service centers in the United States (California and Texas), we offer seven-day turnaround on repairs, backed by independent lab-certified safety and quality assurance.

Strong Reputation

We’ve been in the United States for 20 years, and are renowned for our high-profile projects in shopping centers such as the World Trade Center, stadiums and arenas across America, and iconic areas like New York’s Times Square.

Competitive Pricing

Our manufacturing and installation efficiencies deliver vibrant, quality digital signage at every price level. Whether you’re in retail, public venues, or hospitality, we have the right LED screen at the right price.

Why Lighthouse?

Our proprietary technologies, independent safety and quality assurance, and 7-day repair turnaround provide the foundation for projects of any size – from local businesses to high-profile venues.

State-of-the-Art Products
Proprietary Processing
Proprietary Color Calibration
Quality and Longevity
FCC Compliant
2 Service Centers in the U.S.
20 Years in the U.S.A.
Well-Known for High-Profile Projects
Competitive Pricing

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